Everett Wyndham Wexler

Wealthy Gay Elf


Average height and weight, strong jaw and brow. Dimples.


Everett Wyndham Wexler (nee Everett Waggins) was born into a merchant-class family, preceded by his elder sister and followed by rambunctious fraternal triplets. He did well enough in school but was clearly uninterested in pursuing scholarship. When he was 17, he joined a traveling theater company that was passing through his hometown and spent the next three years on the road as a cast member. Blah blah blah big break, got really popular and wealthy, met this wood elf named Clover in a shady part of town while on tour and fell in love. Everett stopped touring and they settled down in a metropolitan area. Now they want to start a family and Clover received word from an old monk friend that an orphaned tiefling baby was left at the monastery.

Everett Wyndham Wexler

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